Don't Miss the Presentation on April 13 at 1:55 PT in the ADDF Portfolio Section


AcuraStem's CEO, Sam Alworth, is set to present on the company’s latest advances in the development of a PIKFYVE antisense oligonucleotide (ASO) therapeutic for diverse forms of FTD (FTD) at the Alzheimer's Drug Discovery Foundation's (ADDF) Defeating Dementia Symposium on April 13. The presentation will delve into the latest PIKFYVE research and preclinical data for its near-to-clinic candidate ASO, AS-202, for FTD, a devastating neurological disorder that affects an estimated 60,000 people in the United States.

The Defeating Dementia Symposium, organized by the ADDF, aims to bring together top researchers, clinicians, and industry professionals to discuss breakthroughs and emerging treatments for Alzheimer's disease and related dementias. This year's event will feature presentations on innovative drug discovery approaches, diagnostics, and clinical development strategies, providing a comprehensive view of the current state of the field.

Sam Alworth's presentation, scheduled for 1:55 PM PT, will offer attendees a unique opportunity to learn more about the ongoing work on PIKFYVE and its potential as a therapeutic target for FTD. AcuraStem, a near-to-clinic, patient-based, biotechnology company pioneering innovative treatments for neurodegenerative diseases, has been at the forefront of this research, seeking to improve the lives of those affected by FTD and other dementias.

For those interested in attending the presentation or exploring the full symposium schedule, visit the ADDF's official meeting website at Don't miss this exciting opportunity to learn more about the cutting-edge research and developments shaping the future of dementia treatment.